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Jake will be participating in this event from June 7th to July 12th.
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Self-Reflection/Rehash: Practicing Uncertainty explores expressions of identity in the context of being born in America. Through a range of art forms, the exhibition encourages viewers to engage with multifaced issues. The artworks reflect the experiences and perspectives of artists from diverse backgrounds with a particular focus on those who have struggled with questions of identity and belonging in America. By presenting a range of perspectives and experiences, this exhibition aims to foster meaningful dialogue and reflection.

Sophia Chizuco

Jake Alfieri | Kate Bae | Jeanne Brasile | Mike Childs | Rosemarie Fiore | Ming-Jer Kuo | LuLu Meng | Kelly Olshan

Jake can now be found at Altamira and Alignable.

Jake’s “God Bless America” is featured at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum.

Since 2001. In memory of all the lives lost and affected by this tragedy.

Jake’s work has been added to BX200 – the Bronx Visual Artist Directory

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